Imagine a swarm of 10,000-15,000 honey bees making a home up on the roof of your own home?  Would you be welcoming to the honey pot upstairs or frightened of being stung by a bee for the first time since you spent your summer days out playing in the yard as a kid?

Well, Union Station shows no fear of bees as they have provided a home for some 12,000 honey bees on the roof of the newly renovated and developed downtown attraction.  But fear not, the bees atop the Union Station pose no threat to Denver residents visiting Union Station according to John-Mark Larter, director of hospitality at Union Station.  No word on any threat to non residents though.  Larter stated “they are sort of an insulated operation up there.”  The honey from the bees are expected to make their ways to local restaurants and are good example of helping maintain the contribution to pollination that this environmentally protected species so importantly provides.

Check out the photo below from businessden.com


Union Station Roof